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I transform Global wisdom with innovation and experience embellishing the business and growth potential.

I turn Resilience to Optimism Integrating risk assessment into decision making.

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I validate ideas via an intensive and interactive prototype of my vision.

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Stories are authentic human experiences. There are many ways we can experience the world by traversing multiple media, known as transmedia storytelling. Elements are dispersed systematically across multiple channels creating unique contributions and fluidity to the brand story; is a large invisible segment utilizing patterns, music among other elements to tie in the relationship. Transmedia – Dimensional Marketing Blueprints identifies insights, measures, and debates performance

Flexible and dynamic

True fluidity allows Brands and Corporations to manage investments across all screens and properties in real time against a custom audience. A brand can optimize an advanced Marketing Blueprint and adjust as it goes measuring the effectiveness. True fluidity draws on more data and changing sales strategies meeting customers’ needs. It’s not one-size-fits-all but rather a fruitful partnership to provide options for customization. Fluidity is both the cause and the effect, the challenge, and the solution. 

Sections containing calculations

A Marketing intelligence Cube is a structure optimized for fast and efficient analysis. It enables consolidating or aggregating relevant customization into the architectural Cube, slicing and dicing, or pivoting data to view it from different angles. Cubes are typically grouped according to business functions, containing relevant data. Understanding the strategy behind the Cube, allows you to see the potential impact your organization can have.

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Rita Hernández.

Award-winning – continuing to Build Success for Visionary Brands and Corporations

An International, General, and Hispanic Market successful and respected media super-brand with 35+ years of experience with a broad base background and exceptional work ethic, making her a distinguished proactive executive.

Considered one the most pivotal figures in the development of Branded Content Business approach in Media, and International Business acquisitions. Specializes in Marketing-Blueprints and Marketing Intelligence utilizing dimensional transmedia architectural creative analysis, brand behaviors, and market niches. A result-driven Senior Level Executive spearheading the most high-profile award-winning Marketing campaigns, strategies, and executions for Fortune 500 businesses.

Liaison between International TV Networks – Dubai, Japan, Honduras, South Korea, Spain, UK, Brazil – Dominican Republic – Puerto Rico, and US General and Hispanic Market, creating concepts and tools that have come with the evolution of technology, introducing revolutionary marketing and production principles and practices.

Rita Hernandez is also the Founder and CEO of
A 21st Century innovating global approach to personal and professional advancement for high school graduates and university students – providing tools, resources, community support, and advocacy involvement to the neurodiverse community. Becoming one of the most efficacy Platforms in the world with more than 20 countries interacting daily.

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A Blueprint is an advanced architecture approach that ensures a BRAND’s Road map is engineered, meeting all appropriate codes of success.

Elevating a Brands digital presence, influencer’s touchpoint and Social Media engagement are important, but to connect with all humans a dimensional content creator is a must.

Modern brands are building a more authentic connection with digitally native consumers online by pushing them offline for a greater balance between the digital and physical worlds.




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Marketing campaigns


Disciplinary product development is a complex system and many objectives are the central elements. In consequence, the handling of these objectives are characterized by a high connectivity and dynamic that demands for a multi-dimensional view on objectives.

To create greatness for a brand, turn away from distraction that cloud or distort your self-perception


An inspired team reaches organizational goals through a visionary leader.

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